Katy has kept the faith for thirty-five years. Her heart and her mind tells her Marty still lives. When he returns home under strange circumstances, Katy doesn't question his return at first in her joy.  Their long time ability to communicate with their minds returns even as the after effects of Marty's long captivity threatens his life. When they're shown evidence he and his flight had been the victims of a traitor in the last days of Viet Nam, both realize their lives are in grave danger. From Anchorage to Homer to Talkeetna, the couple race to discover why a killer stalks them.

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Eclectic Emotions through Life - an Anthology

A unique combination of fiction and poetry, this anthology touches on the joys, adventures, and fears we overcome in life. From poems of love and life to adventures in Alaska in short fiction, this anthology will touch your heart.

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My pen is scribbling energetically (okay, so it's my keyboard!) at a new endeavor.  The story line is a secret.  It's a paranormal, time-travel, ancient history, thriller, with Sci-Fi and romantic overtones, with time traveling antagonists, and protagonists from the far galaxies.  There may also be teenaged, sword wielding heroes with minor roles, and maybe a dragon or two.  I'll be sure to post more once it decides what it's going to be.  Oh, there's a murder mystery out there somewhere, too!  Yes, I do admit to being genre-confused.

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Possible Future Additions